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You can not buy or sell raw milk (unprocessed) in the state of Virginia, it is illegal. But if you own the cow, it is not illegal to drink the fresh raw milk that comes from it! Triple Oaks Farm does not sell raw milk, we sell herd shares and shareholders become part owners of herd cows raised by our neighboring partner, Havenwoods Farm, LLC. By purchasing a share of the herd you are actually receiving milk from your own cows. We will perform a service for you by caring for, feeding, giving water,and milking your cow. The biggest benefit you get from this is by using the milk from your herd share. You can buy as many shares as available, and use your milk in any way you find worthwhile, which is called HERD SHARING. 

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Havenwoods Farm LLC

Triple Oaks Farm LLC works closely with our dear friends and neighbors, Myron & Heidi Yoder, who own and operate Havenwoods Farm LLC (HF) to bring you the delicious, raw milk that we all know and enjoy. HF is a Grade A, State Inspected dairy that showcases Jersey Cows that produce the best tasting milk we have ever had. With a higher butter fat content than typical Holstein cows, their milk contains a generous amount of cream that we love to use to make our homemade butter, or just shake it up and drink it whole! Havenwoods Farm practices regenerative and ethical farming methods ensuring the land is just as profitable as the farm.

Benefits of Raw Milk


  • Raw milk contains a greater number of digestible nutrients than pasteurized milk, as well as a wide range of probiotics and beneficial enzymes that are known to have benefits to the gastrointestinal tract and immune system.


  • Increased resistance to respiratory infections, asthma, allergies, eczema, and otitis, and eczema has been correlated to raw milk consumption.


  • It's full of fresh flavor! The creamy texture will make it difficult to go back to drinking the pasteurized stuff that is in stores. Like everything else that is fresh vs processed, Raw Milk will always taste better.
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How does a Herd Share work?

  • At the onset, the Shareholder signs our herd share agreement and pays a one-time, refundable $30 for one Herd-Share purchase. One full share will provide the Shareholder with 1 gallon of raw milk on a weekly basis. (1/2 shares are available which would give the shareholder 1 gallon of milk every other week)
  • We do all the hard work – milking, grazing, doctoring, etc. for a boarding fee of just $40.00 a month. 1/2 share members would pay $20.00 a month. It’s that simple. (There is a $3 per week delivery fee for milk that is delivered to one of our pick up locations.)

Our pick up locations for Herd Share milk pick up include:

TOF farm store in Long Island, VA (no delivery fee)

George's Seed, Feed & Grow Shop in Forest, VA

Marsh Roots Seafood in Lynchburg, VA

XTP Fitness in Appomattox, VA

Rustburg Massage in Rustburg, VA

  • Once your herd share agreement is signed and your purchase into the herd share is made, you will be charged $40.00 on the first of each month plus delivery if applicable. 
  • You can cancel at anytime and your $30 purchase into the share will be refunded.

Next Steps

1 Sign up

Sign our herd share agreement.

2 Choose share amount

Click “Buy a Herd Share” button below & choose the number of shares you want. Select the pick up location closest to you.

3 Pick up your delicious fresh raw milk !

Milk bottles will be filled at the beginning of each week with fresh, raw milk from your cow. Pick up your milk from our farm or one of pick up locations.