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Our Story

In 2017 we bought our first house together and we knew we wanted it to be our forever home. The house was nice but the land is what sold us on the property; we saw so much potential. The first few years we participated in some hobby farming but our focus quickly shifted in 2021 as we watched the world around us begin to drastically change. The goal was to be self-sufficient. Feed the family. We decided it was time to take control of knowing where our food came from and how it was raised. What started with an idea of raising a pig and cow to feed our family, quickly turned into the desire to produce high-quality and affordable food to meet the needs of our community.

Neither Bryson or myself come from a farming background but our passion, drive, and determination led us to take a leap of faith and dive in head first. Bryson's military background and leadership skills have driven him to take every opportunity to learn and execute without hesitation, understanding the necessity of our mission. My nursing career gave me a love for health and nutrition which motivates me to encourage people to understand how their food is raised and who is raising it. We welcomed our first son, Abraham, in June of 2022 and the need to produce the best food possible became even more crucial.

By practicing regenerative farming methods we give our animals the opportunity to live as God intended and in turn they bring healing to our land. We look forward to growing our farm and are humbled by the support we have seen so far. Our vision is clear and we believe Triple Oaks Farm will be serving our community for generations to come.

-Bryson, Mackenzie, and Abraham