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Pastured Chicken

Our Chicken Practices

From the time they are just a few days old our chicks are raised here on the farm starting out in a brooder where they are kept warm, fed, watered, and given fresh bedding. After about 3 weeks they are transitioned into floorless, moveable tractors and placed outside on pasture. Each day the chickens are moved to a fresh section of grass where they enjoy scratching and foraging for insects. Our chickens are fed locally sourced feed made within just a few miles of our farm and have access to unlimited fresh air and sunlight.

All processing and packaging is done on the farm

After about 8 weeks our chickens are ready for harvest. The butchering process is done by us, on our farm, per the poultry exemption under P.L. 90-492. This exemption allows us to guarantee our consumers that the birds were slaughtered humanely and under sanitary conditions by the same people who raised them. Our production practices are simple, but effective. They help us produce a product that not only tastes great, but is treated ethically start to finish.