Pastured Beef

Our Beef Practices

Our cows are grass-fed and are raised using a rotational grazing pattern which ensures the most nutrient dense diet complete with seasonal forage and grasses.

While most of the beef you purchase in the store has spent the majority of its life in a confined feed lot, our cows are raised entirely on grass, which is the best natural diet for ruminating (grazing) animals. Grass-fed cattle have a much healthier nutritional profile than solely grain-fed cows which ensures that our customers are receiving a premium product that is great tasting and better for their overall health.

Benefits of Grass-fed Beef for the animal and our land:

  • Our cows are raised using a rotational grazing pattern which places them on a new section of pasture frequently ensuring they get fresh grasses and forage to promote a diverse and nutrient dense diet.
  • Grass-fed beef contains more beneficial antioxidants, vitamins and minerals - most notably, vitamin A, vitamin E, and minerals calcium, magnesium and potassiumThese vitamins have the essential role of protecting our cells from oxidation, thereby lowering inflammation and reducing incidence of disease.
  • Our cows graze on the same pasture our broilers were raised on just a few months prior. The chickens naturally fertilize the soil with their manure which allows the grass to grow in thick and lush which makes for happy grazing cows. This symbiotic relationship is what regenerative farming is all about.
  • This rotational grazing method allows the grass to build topsoil, capture carbon, and promote the growth of healthy microbes. This is a beautiful win-win for our animals, our farm, our environment, and our health.

Beef Co-Op

One way that we are able to provide our customers with a consistent, affordable, & reliable source of beef is by working with our close friends and neighbors who also raise beef on their farms. By building these types of relationships with surrounding farmers, we are able to provide the producer a better return on their animals than they would normally see by selling calves and/or taking animals to the open market and provide our community with locally raised beef. Our customers can rest assured that any beef that Triple Oaks Farm sells has been raised in alignment with our morals and ethics first and foremost. Our goal is to offer all grass-fed beef but at times we do sell beef that has been supplemented with some feed and we make that known at the time of sale. We do not work with feed lots or any type of "high efficiency" or "confinement" type operations.