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Pastured Pork

Our Pork Principles:

We place the highest importance on respecting and honoring the "pigness" of a pig.

Our pigs live a stress-free life compared to conventionally raised hogs that spend most of their life in confinement. Frequent moves to different fenced sections of pasture or woods, known as paddocks, give our pigs the ability to live in a way that honors their natural patterns. By using their noses as "shovels" to root and dig, they are actually tilling up compact soil which allows new grasses and plants to grow. By encouraging natural movement, our pigs are fulfilling their instinctual desires to forage while providing great benefits to our land.


Farrow to Finish is the goal

One of the things that makes our pork different than our chicken and beef is that we breed and raise pigs right here on the farm. We have begun carefully breeding our pigs based on desirable traits such as motherly instincts and adaptation to foraging the land. Our piglets stay with their mother until they are old enough to be weaned and then they are transitioned to pasture or forest.

The goal finishing weight of our pigs is 225-250lbs. Once our pigs are ready for harvest we work with carefully selected butchers that we trust to honor the animals' sacrifice and package a beautiful final product for our customers.